Mondays at 6:30am

Wedesdays at 6:30am

Closed Discussions for men and women


Closed Meetings

These meetings are limited to sexaholics. Only those desiring SA sexual sobriety may attend closed meetings. They permit detailed discussion of various elements of the SA recovery program. If you have never been to an SA meeting, you are welcome at any meeting. You will be able to attend a newcomer’s breakout meeting at any closed meeting. All meetings are closed meetings unless otherwise noted.

Open Meetings

As the term suggests, meetings of this type are open to sexaholics, their families, and to anyone interested in solving a personal sexaholism issue or helping someone else to solve such a problem. Guests at SA open meetings are reminded that any opinions or interpretations they may hear are solely those of the speaker involved. All members are free to interpret the recovery program in their own terms, but none can speak for the local group or for SA as a whole. Open meetings are available at the Beige Portable on Music Row, Tuesdays at 12PM and Thursdays at 6:30AM.